You Won’t Regret Watching This Heart-Stopping Compilation Video of People Cheating Near-Certain Death

It’s not outrageous to assume that every person featured in the following video compilation still has some sort of unfinished business on this earth.

In the truly incredible video, unidentified people from across the world narrowly cheat near-certain death. Some survive car accidents, while a solider almost gets shot in the head during a drill and a woman barely avoids getting her head taken off by a passing train.

Keep in mind that, like all videos on the Internet, some of the clips included in the compilation could be fake or manipulated. At this point, we aren’t ruling out a Jimmy Kimmel hoax with every single viral video published on the Internet.

The video was apparently created in January 2013 but is now going viral. Music industry author and blogger Bob Lefsetz tweeted a link to the video last week.

Watch the astonishing video here:


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