What’s the ‘Secret Life’ of Sean Hannity?

Fox News host Sean Hannity was at TheBlaze TV’s studios in New York Tuesday for an interview with Glenn Beck. On his way out, he stopped to say hello to his friends at “Liberty Treehouse,” the network’s show for kids.

“I feel like a part of the family because I lived here for, what, three months?” Hannity said with a smile. “And you guys were gracious to put up with me. And we had a great time.”

Hannity used Beck’s studios in New York while his own were under construction last year.

Sean Hannity speaks with Raj Nair of Liberty Treehouse on Feb. 25, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)
Sean Hannity speaks with Raj Nair of Liberty Treehouse on Feb. 25, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Speaking with Liberty Treehouse’s co-host Raj Nair, Hannity revealed some information about his “secret life” off-camera.

“I spend every weekend on a court watching balls go back and forth,” Hannity said. “I enter, like, this whole other world because my kids play competitive tennis … I’m a loser. I’m a hermit. I rarely go out. And I focus on work and family and that’s pretty much my life. I’m happy doing it!”

He also shared some of his keys to success, which include having a passion for what you do, taking chances, and working hard.

“I work harder now than I’ve ever worked in my life,” Hannity said. “And I work harder than I worked the year before. So I think the key is the work that you do behind the scenes. You never give up. It’s sort of like, you ever see a hamster on that wheel that goes around and around? That’s life! You gotta grind through the tough times and work really hard.”

Raj smiled at the end of the interview, giving Hannity a hug and saying, “I love you, my brother.”

Watch the complete clip, below:

Complimentary Clip from TheBlaze TV

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