Christian Band’s Plan to Revolutionize the Way Worship Music Is Made

Shane and Shane, a Texas-based Christian band, is putting together a new project that its members — Shane Bernard and Shane Everett — hope will revolutionize the way Christian worship music is made and “empower musicians to lead.”

The project, titled, “The Worship Initiative,” promises to be an online resource that will help singers, songwriters and performers hone in on their skills and refine their craft.

Users who perform worship music will be able to to three things, according to a Kickstarter page setup to advertise the initiative: consider their calling, consider their craft and consider creating.

Screen shot from the Kickstarter campaign
Screen shot from the Kickstarter campaign

So, what does all that mean, exactly?

“We will dive in together to what it means, according to God’s Word, to glorify Jesus through song. We have a passion for the scriptures,” the Kickstarter campaign explains. “And a passion to help musicians, songwriters, and worship Pastors see the Truth of Who God is in His Word, and in light of that, walk in the freeing and equipping  truth of who they are called to be in this life.”

Singers and musicians will find devotionals, worship tools and other helpful tidbits that will help them better connect with the gospel — all elements that will help performers better focus on their musical “calling.”

An image from one of the guitar trainings (Image source: The Worship Initiative Kickstarter)
An image from one of the guitar trainings (Image source: The Worship Initiative Kickstarter)

The website will also include song tutorials, videos that show instrumentation and plenty more.

“We have already recorded the tracks for 100 worship songs … that you will have access to, much like a ready-made worship library,” the description continues. “And we’re already planning the next round. On top of the first 100 songs, we will release 10 new worship songs every quarter.”

For each song, a webpage will be setup and will include videos featuring each instrument played on the particular tune, a instructional lesson that shows how to play each song, scripture references and other related elements.

There will also be classes helping musicians with the song-writing process, including an opportunity for feedback as well.

“Our dream for The Worship Initiative is a big one … we have started the process of developing these tools and are realizing that the scope is much bigger and the expense is much larger than we expected,” the explanation reads. “With God’s help and yours, we are committed to make this a place that will richly bless the body of Christ.”

Learn more about the project below:

The cost to use The Worship Initiative will likely be $10 per month once it launches in Aug. 2014. The current Kickstarter goal is $100,000 to usher in the project’s completion.

Featured image via Shane and Shane/Kickstarter