Jeff Gordon Exacts Revenge on Critic in the Best Way Possible

When Jeff Gordon and Pepsi teamed up in 2013 to stage an undercover “test drive” with a supposedly terrified car dealer, Jalopnik’s Travis Okulski called out the professional racer for faking the stunt, characterizing it as “duplicitous.”

So Gordon decided to get back at the writer by staging another stunt. And it’s hilarious.

“With a little help from Okulski’s bosses, they got Okulski into a cab in North Carolina, and, well … magic happens,” Yahoo Sports explains.

Indeed, dressed as an ex-convict-turned-cabdriver, it appears Gordon successfully tricked the hapless writer into thinking he was taking him on a wild chase from the police.

“This one’s a bit long but worth it,” Yahoo adds.

Now, before you write off Gordon’s latest stunt as fake, and it could be fake, it’s worth noting that Okulski himself has assured his readers and Yahoo! Sports that it’s completely authentic:

“This is absolutely, 100%, totally legit,” Okulski told Yahoo! Sports. “Not fake in any way at all. I was really that terrified.”

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