‘Today’ Show Anchors Undergo Extreme Photoshop — See the Before and After

Take a look at this photo.

The "Today" show hosts before photo alteration. (Image source: Today/Twitter)
The “Today” show hosts before photo alteration. (Image source: Today/Twitter)

Now this one.

After getting an extensive touch-up by Cosmopolitan's photo experts. (Image source: Today/Twitter)
After getting an extensive touch-up by Cosmopolitan’s photo experts. (Image source: Today/Twitter)

See the drastic difference?

As part of its  “Love Your Selfie” campaign, the “Today” show worked with Cosmopolitan magazine experts to highlight the growing conversation of Photoshopped images and real beauty.

Everyone had something they would change: Natalie Morales, her tummy; Savannah Guthrie, her arms and some wrinkles; Matt Lauer, crows feet and dark circles.

“In the magazines, we’re trying to present the best self of someone,” Cosmopolitan Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles said. “We’re looking for things that restore them as opposed to recreate them.”

In the case of the “Today” show photo, Cosmo experts touched up the original photo in a subtle way and then in a more intense manner.

Image source: GIFMaker.me
Image source: GIFMaker.me

“Between the actual picture and the picture we would use in the magazine, there were 15 specific things that we did. And I call it really tidying up,” Coles said.

This tidying up included things like retouching the color of woman’s roots, fixing the wrinkles on a man’s suit and opening an eye.

As for the controversial side of Photoshop — that it is setting unrealistic expectations of what people can achieve with their looks — Coles said “at Cosmo, we never do anything to change someone’s body type.”

“That for me is one of the crucial red lines over which not to cross because you want people to be their true selves,” the magazine editor continued.

The heavily edited version of the “Today” hosts shows how far Photoshop can go. Wrinkles were eliminated, colors of clothes were changed, more hair was added onto more than one head, waistlines were whittled and someone was made a bit taller.

Watch the show’s segment discussing its Photoshopped image:

(H/T: Daily Mail)