If You Thought That Viral Kiss Cam Video Was a Fake, Here’s the Full Story Behind It

The brother who seemed all too prepared for a kiss camera to land on him and his sister during a University of Minnesota hockey game earlier this month is now revealing how he knew to come with a sign to say why he wasn’t leaning in for a smooch.

Adam Mason is now explaining why he came prepared with a sign. (Image source: YouTube)
Adam Mason is now explaining why he came prepared with a sign. (Image source: YouTube)

Adam Martin told the university that he realized a couple of weeks before that the hockey game was on Valentine’s Day.

“I started joking about making a sign in preparation for the kiss cam,” Martin said. “And she thought I was crazy for doing that.”

As it turned out, he was right on the money.

The original video of the hilariously awkward moment has more than 12.7 million views after being posted on Feb. 17. Take a look if you missed it when it initially went viral:

“The day of the game, I was at work in the afternoon getting ready to leave and I decided to print the sign that said “My sister” with an arrow, knowing that I’d be in seat 9 and she’d be in seat 10, and showed her the sign before the game. She thought I was being a dumb older brother and there was no way we would end up on the kiss cam,” Mason continued.

Mason said he was somewhat surprised that he was able to keep a straight face during the first few seconds holding the sign up when the kiss cam inevitably focused on him and his sister.

“Essentially, every contact in my phone or Facebook has reached out,” Mason said, not expecting the video to go as viral as it did.

“The goal is next year not to bring my sister to the Valentine’s Day game. Hopefully I can get a date out of it,” he said.

Watch Mason’s kiss cam preparation explanation:

(H/T: Reddit)