These Are 10 Most Important Cities in the United States (If You’re a Waiter)

Waiting tables is a tough, greasy job. It also pays well below the federal minimum wage in most areas.

That’s why servers depend on their tips.

So which cities are best for waiting tables? As it turns out, there’s some data on that.

Square, a payments company, reviewed the information and found that Chicago is the most generous city when it comes to tipping, followed closely by Denver and Austin, Texas.

Roughly 63 percent of Chicagoans tip all the time and the average tip in the Windy City clocks in at around 16.7 percent, above the standard 15 percent most servers aim for. Meanwhile, nearly 62 percent of customers in Denver tip all the time and they usually leave a gratuity of around 16.8 percent, according to Square’s data.

Here are the most generous tipping cities:

TippingInAmerica_Square So how did Square figure out the most generous tipping cities?

Simple: The group “examined 10 major metropolitan cities around the U.S. for the study, taking into account population and ‘density of Square sellers,’” Mashable explains.

“The cities are all located in different states with the exception of Los Angeles and San Francisco, and generate ‘hundreds of thousands of payments and millions of dollars in payment volume,’” Mashable added.

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