NBC Reporter Wades Nearly Waist-Deep Into Mudslide for Live Broadcast — Then Things Apparently Go Off Script

Sometimes reporters can go a bit too far getting “into the thick” of the action.

NBC News’ Miguel Almaguer may join those ranks on the heels of his report on the torrential rain and mudslides in southern California.

NBC News' Miguel Almaguer (Image source: NBC News via YouTube)
NBC News’ Miguel Almaguer (Image source: NBC News via YouTube)

Multiple outlets indicate Almaguer was rescued by firefighters and one nearby resident after he waded into the messy aftermath of a mudslide east of Los Angeles. His live report from a hillside in Azusa on Friday showed Almaguer standing nearly waist deep in the stuff, after which he apparently got stuck.

“Authorities tell us for now that this hillside is stable, but take a look at how deep this mud is — four feet in some areas,” Almaguer said during his report, illustrating it with life and limb at risk.

Fire officials said they believe Almaguer was the reporter they helped rescue, according to the Los Angeles Times, adding that one rescuer could be seen using a shovel.

Here’s the NBC News clip that includes Almaguer’s report:

(H/T: Gawker)