A new video uploaded to the Internet Friday showcases the moves of world famous acrobatic group Cirque du Soleil to help explain — and demonstrate — the power of trust.

The video, which has already accumulated just over 200,000 views on YouTube, is narrated by online performance artist and BuzzFeed EVP Ze Frank. It aims to explain how trust is a luxury.

“Trust is a confusing thing. It seems so simple, but when you try to pin it down, it can be so elusive.”

“Trust is a confusing thing,” Ze Frank says at the outset of the video. “It seems so simple, but when you try to pin it down, it can be so elusive.”

“We expend so much energy, watching and calculating, trying to predict, reading signals in people — ready for anything to change suddenly,” he adds. “Preparing to be disappointed.”

“We talk about trust … but what it affords us is a luxury, that allows us to stop thinking, to stop worrying that someone won’t catch us if we fall,” Ze Frank ultimately concludes.

Watch the Viral Hit:

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