Only a seasoned professional could get wiped out by a wall of snow sent up by a plow and not miss a beat in his news report.

Philadelphia WTXF-TV reporter Steve Keeley was in Woodstown, N.J., talking about the latest snowstorm socking the East Coast and how even after the roads were plowed, there was nothing to stop it from drifting back onto rural roads.

A few seconds later, a quartet of snowplows came barreling down the road behind Keeley. The first passed without incident, the second got a little too close for comfort and the third…well, just look.

A reporter in New Jersey was hit by a wall of snow but he didn't let it ruin his report. (Image source:

A reporter in New Jersey was hit by a wall of snow but he didn’t let it interrupt his report. (Image source: WTXF-TV)

Though he was slammed by the snow, Keeley barely faltered in his speech. His crew, however, was a bit more alarmed and screamed.

Watch the moment:

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