Watch: The Fake Chef Who Scammed His Way Onto Very Real Morning TV Shows

A very fake chef and cookbook author managed to land a few appearances on local morning shows in Illinois and Wisconsin over the holidays. He was promoting the upcoming release of his nonexistent book “Leftovers Right: Making a Winner of Last Night’s Dinner.”

“Keith Guerke,” who is really actor Nick Prueher, pulled off the stunt put together by the Found Footage Festival in an amazing way, making clueless news anchors eat things like mashed potato ice cream cones and nasty meat smoothies.


“Between Thanksgiving and Christmas is one of the highest suicide rates, and I think part of that is because of the stress of what are you going to do with these leftovers,” he says on one of the shows.

We’ve got to say, he does a really good job pretending to be an incompetent chef in the hilarious segments. Watch the viral video below:

Here’s the full segment of a show he did in Milwaukee: