Seeing Double? Crazy Photos Put A-List Celebs Side by Side With…Themselves

Check out this photo of what could be a father-son red carpet moment … but it’s actually Leonardo DiCaprio and his younger self.

leo dicaprio
Image source: Imgur

One Reddit user posted this photoshopped masterpiece; the celebrity mash-ups look convincing enough that the pics of the younger stars could pass as relatives of the hardened actors.

“Think Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey was always such a fine actor? You must’ve forgot about his goofy haircut! And what about Jennifer Lawrence? Well, she’s still so young so she just looks like she has a twin,” Gizmodo observed.

celeb photo mash up
Image source: Imgur
jennifer lawrence and jennifer lawrence
Image source: Imgur

The images of Hollywood mega-stars like Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep standing next to their decades-younger former selves makes you wonder what sage advice they would give to their younger version.

tom hanks tom hanks
Image source: Imgur
meryl streep and meryl streep
Image source: Imgur

Check out all the mashups here.

(H/T: Sploid)

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