Who’s Your State’s Least Favorite Recording Artist?

First there was the map that answered the question: “Who is your state’s favorite recording artist?

But what about the flip side — who’s your state’s least favorite recording artist? As it turns out, music blogger Paul Lamere may have an answer to that question.

By reviewing data from 2013 from several online music-streaming services, Lamere was able to determine which artist’s ranking was the worst when compared to their national ranking, Deadspin’s Barry Petchesky noted.

Take, for example, Florida. Calvin Haim may rank 39th nationally, but he clocks in at around 150th most popular artist in Florida. Also, the Sunshine State apparently hates indie rock.

The data also reveals some interesting regional findings, including “the Mountain states don’t do R. Kelly, the Deep South ignores Bob Marley, and the Mid-Atlantic can’t stand Luke Bryan,” Petchesky said.

The biggest takeaway from Lamere’s data crunching? R&B artist R. Kelley is pretty unpopular just about everywhere. Also (this writer’s opinion), Virginia, Hawaii and Oklahoma should be ashamed of themselves.

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