Former RT Anchor Who Quit On-Air Speaks Out, Cites Specific Examples of Censorship and Propaganda

Former Russia Today anchor Liz Wahl made her first TV appearance since resigning from her job on the air due to the “propagandist nature” of the state-owned network.


Speaking to Anderson Cooper on Wednesday, Wahl pointed out specific instances where RT peddled propaganda instead of the truth.

She pointed out that the network cut out a question she asked former Texas Congressman Ron Paul about his anti-intervention views concerning the current crisis in Ukraine. She also claimed one of her colleagues painted opposition forces in Ukraine as “having neo-Nazi elements.”

“To portray the entire operation as being part of this right-wing extremist group is going along with the narrative that Vladimir Putin wants to go along with,” Wahl said.

When asked about pressure to present the desired narrative at RT, Wahl said there are a lot of young people at the network who just want to “please management” and “there’s a form of self-censorship that you learn.”

“RT is not about the truth, it’s about promoting a Putinist agenda,” she added.

Wahl also dismissed claims by the network that her resignation was just a publicity stunt.

Watch the segment via CNN: