Mom Holds 23-Year-Old Man at Gunpoint – and He’s Lucky She Didn’t Start Shooting After What He Did to Her Teen Daughter

A mother in Fort Mill, S.C., held a 23-year-old man at gunpoint until police arrived after she discovered he was having sex with her 15-year-old daughter.

Though it was only a BB rifle, the man is lucky she fought the urge to start shooting. The mom, whose identity is being withheld to protect her daughter, said she just might have started shooting if the man hadn’t lied to her and said he was only 17.

“If I knew he was 23 at the time, I probably would have pulled this BB gun and shot him,” she told WBTV.


The incident occurred at around 3:30 a.m. on Sunday when the mom noticed an unfamiliar car in her driveway. When the woman’s oldest daughter went to check the house, she found 23-year-old Addison Pittman in one of the bathrooms.

The mother grabbed a BB gun and confronted the man. She initially thought he was a burglar, but her daughter told her that she invited him over to have sex. The daughter reportedly met Pittman on the social media website Kik.

The mom is thankful that her daughter is safe, but realizes something terrible could have happened.

“What’s to say he wouldn’t have choked her or had a weapon on him, killed her and I would have found her dead,” she added.


Pittman was arrested and charged with 3rd degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor. He was released on $15,000 bond.

The woman’s teen daughter had her cellphone and Internet privileges taken away and will remain grounded until further notice.

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