The Blistering Letter a Couple Received for Taking Their ‘Screaming’ Baby to Ski Resort

Two parents traveling with their young child woke up to an angry note from an anonymous individual while on vacation recently, hammering them for taking their “screaming baby” to a Colorado ski resort.

“Thank you for bringing a screaming baby to a ski resort and wak[ing] up everyone near your room several times during the night,” said the note, shared by the mother’s brother last Monday on his blog titled Dad On The Run.

“Babies don’t ski, no reason to bring them to a ski resort,” it continued. “They should stay at home with family or [a] nanny.”

A couple vacationing at a Colorado ski resort with their young child received this blistering note under their hotel door recently. (Image source: Dad On The Run)
A couple vacationing at a Colorado ski resort with their young child received this blistering note under their hotel door recently. (Image source: Dad On The Run)

The brother of the mom who shared the angry note on his blog penned a scathing response, saying the individual who attacked his sister was “undoubtedly a nasty person.”

“In your haste to pass judgement on others and whitewash your own memory of what parenting is like, you have forgot to check yourself for the very inconsideration and selfishness you abhor,” he wrote. “You decided to lash out at others who were unaware of your plight or discomfort, at least until you left a cowardly letter after the fact at which point any opportunity they might have to try to alleviate your unfortunate situation had passed.”

[sharequote align=”center”]”…you left a cowardly letter after the fact…”[/sharequote]

“Perhaps, if you had yelled back or pounded on the headboard then the thinness of the walls would have been more evident to the struggling parents,” he continued. “Then again, such an act of directness would have identified yourself as the petty selfish person you are. Personally, I think you knew that, which is why instead, you decided to lay your opinion out anonymously and with no consideration of what was happening within the room or who the people are you were addressing.”

The brother then offered the individual information he may not have known.

“My brother-in-law helps more people before you get out of bed and have your morning coffee than you have likely helped in your entire life. He operates on brains and misses out on an awful lot of time with his wife and child so that he can use his knowledge and skill to help adults and children alike (even the selfish ones) with a second chance,” he said. “He saves lives.”

“This week he is in Colorado for a conference where he can learn to better treat you if you happen to fall from a snow-lift, get thrown from your high horse, faceplant into a tree while skiing down the black diamond trail or have the misfortune to trip over your own self-righteousness and fall down the stairs head first,” the letter continued. “Personally, I don’t blame him for wanting to take his family with him to a convention rather than missing out on another week full of memories so that he can be the best surgeon. It’s a great job, a rewarding job, but not one without sacrifices.”

The open letter to the individual concluded in the same scathing manner it began in.

“I am sorry for you,” it said. “I’m sorry for your children.”

(H/T: Mail Online)

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