‘Too Young to Hate’: The Touching Video Said to Show Israeli Soldiers and Arab Children That Breaks Stereotypes

An Israeli news portal posted video on Monday purporting to show an Israeli border police officer handing out food to overjoyed Palestinian boys – who hug and thank him – prompting some observers to question why the mainstream media show predominantly negative images from the West Bank.

In the video, two little Palestinian boys run up to two Israeli border policemen, one of whom appears to be peeling apart slices of cheese (or perhaps bread). One boy hugs the man’s leg then his colleague gives the boy a friendly pat on the hair. The kid reaches out to the second man’s hand in a friendly gesture.

As the policeman divides up the food, one of the men says to the apparently impatient boys, “Wait a sec.” The border policeman then hands food to both boys and appears to give a friendly pinch to the smaller boy’s cheek.

One of the boy's hugs the Israeli border policeman (Screenshot: YouTube)
One of the boy’s hugs the Israeli border policeman (Screenshot: YouTube)
The boy then reaches out to the second officer while waiting for a snack (Screenshot: YouTube)
The boy then reaches out to the second officer while waiting for a snack (Screenshot: YouTube)

The man filming the scene says in Arabic to one of the boys, “Ibrahim, say ‘thank you’” to which the boy says, “Thank you.”

The video – which TheBlaze cannot independently verify – was first posted on Israel’s 0404 Facebook page and was picked up Tuesday by the pro-Israel blogger Elder of Ziyon who wrote, “So this video, taken in Hebron of Israeli border police giving food to a couple of kids – and their ecstatic reaction – must never be allowed to be seen, because it contradicts everything that every hater holds dear.”

The border policeman hands the boys food (Screenshot: YouTube)
The border policeman hands the boys food (Screenshot: YouTube)
"Thank you," they say in Arabic (Screenshot: YouTube)
“Thank you,” they say in Arabic (Screenshot: YouTube)

Elder of Ziyon (EOZ) asserted that he has seen scenes like this himself, but that anti-Israel non-profit organizations “can’t raise any money by reporting the situation accurately. The haters can’t get gigs speaking at clueless colleges if they don’t stereotype Jewish soldiers as evil.”

“So they don’t want you to see this, because it threatens their livelihoods that depend on demonizing Jews,” he added.

One reader, Sergio, posted this comment on EOZ’s blog, “I hope these children, who are too young to hate, will remember these soldiers who given them food, and know they are not the evil Jews they are taught to hate.”

IronyDome wrote, “I thought the same about the soldiers in Iraq. Maybe some of those Iraqi kids will grow up remembering how the Americans handed out chocolate and beanie babies and won’t be infected with the hate of the older generation.”

Facebook users also piped in on the Israeli social media page that posted the video.

0404 wrote along with the video, “This the world won’t show you. They won’t show you how Palestinian children love the warriors who take care of them and regularly give them their food. This is how it appeared in Hebron tonight, after fighters with Company 6 who gave the kids to eat and got a hug from one who still doesn’t know how to make up stories and acts from his heart.”

Eliran Ben Ezri wrote in part, “Leftist organizations will claim that the soldiers beat the children and poisoned them.”

Shai Kandleker wrote that he served as an Israeli soldier in Hebron nine years ago, when he and his colleagues regularly gave out their food. “You cannot imagine how happy they were after they received from us ‘Dani’ [a pudding brand] or ‘Carlo’ chocolate milk  bags.”

Arik Ohayun recounted that he served in the same location eight years ago. “It hurts to see them, but they are raised in a hostile environment, but we are a people that cannot see hungry children no matter what nationality they are,” he wrote.

Here is the video:

(H/T: Elder of Ziyon)