Grandmother’s Unbreakable Faith in God Leads Her to Do Something Astonishing After Doctors Had ‘Given Up’ on Her

Bea Turner today is a lively, smiling grandmother who is passionately involved in her local 9/12 Project, which she founded. But five years ago, Turner said on The Glenn Beck Program Thursday, she was “laying on the couch with a feeding tube.”

“I had been in and out of the hospital for, like, six months, and they gave up on me,” she said simply. “And I came home to die.”

Turner said she was saddened by the direction of the country and didn’t want to live to see it unfold. She summarized her thought process as, “I’m going to die anyhow, so please take me now.”

That’s when it all changed, and she became so confident that she had more to do that she cut the cord of her own feeding tube.

Pittsburgh 9/12 Project founder Bea Turner speaks on The Glenn Beck Program March 6, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)
Pittsburgh 9/12 Project founder Bea Turner speaks on The Glenn Beck Program March 6, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

“Glenn Beck was on the radio, and I heard those words … ‘You are not alone. We surround you,'” Turner began, emotion in her eyes. “And I’m not crazy, honestly I’m not — I heard the voice of God, and I know the words that I heard.”

Turner said she remembers God telling her: “Get up off of that couch, oh good and faithful servant. I have one more job for you to do.”

“I’ve always been a volunteer,” Turner remarked. “I was a paramedic, and I knew that my life of service was over. And I said, ‘Well, God, what can I do in this condition? I’m laying here.'”

Eventually, Turner said with a smile, she made a “deal” with God: “You give me the strength, and I’ll do the job.”

“I called the doctor and asked him to remove the feeding tube, and he said, ‘You’ll die if I take it out,” Turner recalled. “I said, ‘Okay.’ I got a pair of scissors and I cut it off.”

Miraculously, Bea’s health improved. She said she didn’t know “a computer from the kitchen sink,” but she taught herself and formed the Pittsburgh 9/12 Project. They continue to have monthly meetings.

Beck arose from the desk where he was seated and hugged the lively grandmother, saying “I love you.”

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Thursday marks the fifth anniversary of the 9/12 Project, and Glenn Beck invited Americans from all walks of life to join him on his television program to share where the journey has taken them.

“In the last five years, you have fought to restore honor,” Beck said. “You have fought to restore courage. You have fought to restore love, and not close your heart. You have moved millions of hearts in this country to good. You have [awoken] a nation out of comfort, out of slumber.”

“Today, the media says the 9/12 movement and the Tea Party are dead,” he added. “I’ve got news for you. It hasn’t even begun!”

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