Man Barges on Stage as Miss Israel Pageant Is Crowned

An unexpected incident occurred at the Miss Israel pageant Tuesday night when moments after the new beauty queen was crowned, an unknown man burst onstage, was jumped by guards and then quickly whisked offstage, all during the live broadcast.

The winner, 18-year-old Mor Maman was crowned Miss Israel 2014 at the ceremony televised from Haifa.

The Israeli news site Walla reported, “an unknown man, for an unknown reason, tried to break into the stage and reach the new [beauty] queen. The security guards who saw the man, quickly jumped on him and neutralized him.”

The news site marked the intrusion with red circles seen in these screenshots taken at the end of the show when credits were rolling:

Screenshot: Walla
Image source: Walla

The altercation worked its way clear across the stage, first behind the winner’s left arm, then behind her right side.

Screenshot: Walla
Image source: Walla

And the circle descended as the men descended to the ground:

Screenshot: Walla
Image source: Walla

Walla called it a moment she would “never forget” and not only because she had just won the pageant. Israeli media did not provide further details on the man who got onstage.

Maman is being described in the Israeli media as a role model in the effort to combat childhood obesity. Though lithe today, at the age of 13, Maman lost more than 65 pounds.

Brunette beauty Mor Maman moments before her win wan announced (Screenshot: YouTube)
Brunette beauty Mor Maman moments before her win was announced (Image source: YouTube)

“She created a Facebook page to encourage young girls struggling with obesity to diet and lose weight in a healthy and regulated manner, without resorting to dangerous and harmful methods, such as anorexia or bulimia,” the Jerusalem Post reported. “The Facebook page provides a community of girls with some well-needed support to guide them through a difficult period in their lives, inspiring them to believe in themselves.”

Maman is a computer graphics student and will soon be drafted for military service in the Israeli Air Force.

In this video, a YouTube user marked with arrows the surprising moment the man barged onstage: