British Prime Minister’s Ukraine Selfie Goes Viral… Though He Probably Wishes It Hadn’t

British Prime Minister David Cameron’s selfie of a phone call Friday to U.S. President Barack Obama regarding the Ukrainian crisis took on a life of its own when twitter users – from the famous to the very young – began tweeting out parodies of the call that might make world leaders think twice about what they post.

It seems this one backfired on Cameron.

Prime Minister David Cameron Selfie courtesy of Twitter
Prime Minister David Cameron Selfie courtesy of Twitter

Shortly after, U.S. comedian Rob Delaney sent Cameron a response where he swapped the phone for his toothpaste.

Comedian Rob Delany

Shortly after, famous Shakespearean actor and Captain of Star Trek’s Enterprise Sir Patrick Stewart chimed in with his own quick-witted response. But this time it’s with “Wet Ones.”

Sir Patrick Stewart


Then it was every man, woman and child for themselves. It seems there’s a never ending line-up of people willing to parody Cameron’s selfie  or just add to the drama.

Parody Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron















ObamaPutin Twitter

















Even lovable children’s characters were pulled into the act.

Parody Ernie Sesame Street














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