High School Wrestler Loses State Title – But He’ll Win Your Respect With This Unexpected and Inspiring Act of Sportsmanship

High school wrestler Malik Stewart had just lost the Minnesota state wrestling championship. It was a hard-fought match that ended with him pinned under his opponent, Mitchell McKee.

It’s what Stewart did after the tough defeat that transformed this story from a local report in the local sports section to an inspiring national story.


He didn’t pound his fists. He didn’t storm out of the gym. Instead, he calmly shook McKee’s hand and then made his way towards his opponent’s father. As Stewart was well aware, McKee’s father is suffering from cancer.

The student shook the father’s hand, wrapped his arms around him and told him to keep fighting the cancer. He also congratulated the dad about his son’s big win.

The audience erupted in applause at the heartwarming act and is now captivating the Internet:

(H/T: For the Win)