‘Highway to Hell’: Interactive Infographic Reveals the World’s Deadliest Roads

Potholes. No railings. Winding bends. Steep cliffs. New research on the world’s most hazardous roads is giving drivers and passengers alike a heads up on streets around the world that they might want to avoid — roads that are so diabolical they’ve come to be labeled with names like “Killer Highway,” “Road to Death” and “Highway to Hell.”

A new interactive map assembled by DrivingExperiences.com provides information and data on 21 of the world’s most deadly roads. The information, derived from the World Health Organization’s 2013 global report on road safety compiled of data from 182 countries, could send chills up the spines of nervous drivers.

As Mashable noted, each road is rated on a scale from one to 10 based on a “fear factor,” which pertains to the dangerous nature of its overall conditions.

Considering there are 1.24 million road deaths each year in addition to millions of other injuries sustained in vehicles, the data offers a glimpse into some of the most problematic roadways, while also cautioning those who travel on these roads with specific conditions to be wary of.

Here’s the infographic:

The most dangerous road on the map is North Yungas Road in Bolivia, South America, a street that received the maximum fear factor (a 10 out of 10). With the annual death toll currently at 1,294, driving recklessly on North Yungas Road comes with some significant risk.

“Every year, hundreds of deaths are caused by vehicles plunging off the road while trying risky overtaking maneuvers,” reads the DrivingExperience.com interactive.

(H/T: Mashable)

Featured image via DrivingExperience.com