It’s Unlikely He Will Ever Forget What He Had to Do After Losing a Bet to His Brother

After losing a bet to his younger brother, a Utah man was forced to perform a daunting task — dance in public to a series of songs chosen by his sibling.

“My brother had never beat me at basketball, but he was getting cocky! I thought I’d use his ego against him and make a bet that would humiliate him after I beat him at basketball,” the YouTube description for the video on Andrew Wilcoz’s account said. “Loser had to dance on the corner of Bulldog and State Street in Provo, Utah for a half hour to whatever music the other chose.”

The older brother ultimately ended up losing three games in a row to his younger nemesis, forcing him to take to the streets and dance to various tunes.

Image source: YouTube
Image source: YouTube

While dancing, a woman he says he has “never met” joins him and the two groove together to the beat of multiple songs. Eventually, several others also join in.

Footage of the dance has now gone viral, collecting nearly 130,000 views on YouTube.

“I hope he got her number,” one individual commented on YouTube, referring to the girl who spontaneously started dancing with him.

[sharequote align=”center”]”Whoa. I’ve never seen someone lose a bet and still win that hard.”[/sharequote]

“Whoa. I’ve never seen someone lose a bet and still win that hard,” echoed another.

“Hilarious,” yet another individual added.


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