An albino blue marlin recently was hooked in the Los Suenos Marina in Costa Rica and it’s being billed as the first ever photographed.

Images of the fish were caught by Capt. Daniel Espinoza Jimenez on the “Spanish Fly,” which is run by Maverick Yachts and Sportfishing.

“Confirmed from [International Game Fish Association] and [The Bass Federation] this is the first albino blue marlin ever recorded in history,” the charter company said on Facebook.

Capt. Jimenez wrote on his own Facebook page that the rare fish was caught on his day off. He said it was brought in with the help of captain Juan Carlos Fallas Zamora, Carlos Pollo Espinoza Jimenez and Roberto Chelato Salinas Hernandez with customers Bob and Karen Weaver.

Pete Thomas Outdoors reported that the fish put up an hour-long fight . Maverick noted that the captain released the fish after it was reeled in.

Watch this video of the process:

“It definitely was not a typical day,” Glen Mumford, Maverick Sportfishing owner, said of the catch, according to Pete Thomas Outdoors.

(H/T: Gizmodo)