4-Year-Old Delivering the News Is Exactly What You Need Right Now

Four-year-old Vincent Savage of Kansas comes from a family of radio personalities, but is taking his act to television, according to WDAF-TV.

The miniature adult, with the help of his parents, created a YouTube video in January that is getting picked up by local and national media outlets called “Kids News.” He stars as the “anchor-kid.”

The Huffington Post wrote that Savage should be “hired by a network STAT” and the team at Good Morning America said he “could very well be sitting in their shoes one day.”

4-year-old Vincent Savage speaks on "Kids News." (Photo: YouTube/Screen Shot)
Four-year-old Vincent Savage speaks on “Kids News.” (Image source: YouTube)

In the clip, Savage, dressed sharply in a tie and vest, discusses the popularity of certain dinosaurs and what “grown ups” are currently “freaking out” about.

“A survey out of Chicago reports that the Tyrannosaurus Rex is the most popular dinosaur from kids 4-12,” Savage says knowledgeably. “Probably because he preferred cheeseburgers over broccoli.”

After discussing “The Lego Movie,” Savage adds: “Adults across the country are freaking out because [of] this huge winter storm. They call it the polar vortex. Kids call it the ‘no school, do what I want, play video games awesome fun time.'”

Watch the complete clip, below: