Watch These Amazing Stuntmen Showcase Their Incredible Skills

The heroine of “The Hunger Games,” the popular book turned movie series, might have a frighteningly good shot with a bow and arrow, but Katniss can’t hold a candle to these guys when it comes to their moves.

Combining gymnastics and archery, these stunt performers flip, cartwheel, spin-kick and bounce off walls — bow and arrow in hand — before quickly steading themselves to let one sail.

Take a look at the action:

With all this talent, a commenter on the video pointed out that “someone needs to make a good movie that involves fights with acrobatic archery.”

Others have questioned if the arrows are in fact real and not the result of computer graphics.

“This is very, very cool. But a trained eye will spot the CGI-arrows,” Michael Johnsen wrote in the comments. “A sane person might also realize that some of these moves are pretty much impossible. If you don’t believe me, try to string a bow in 1 second and see what happens.”

The stuntman who posted this video did not yet return TheBlaze’s request for clarification.

(H/T: Kotaku)


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