Just Wait Until the End of This Local News Clip…

Make sure you watch all 29-seconds of this local news clip out of Arizona.

KVOA-TV sports anchor Paul Cicala was covering the Arizona Wildcats game against the Colorado Buffaloes at the MGM Grand Garden Arena Friday when he informed viewers he would be cutting his broadcast short to ensure he had enough time to make it over to the venue.

“As for the game itself, as mentioned, it literally tips off in about three minutes and I have to speed walk about 20 minutes to get inside the MGM Grand,” Cicala said. “I’m going to sign off now because I want to get there by the time everything tips off.”

Cicala is then seen handing over the microphone to his cameraman and sprinting toward the venue. At the very end of the live-shot, you can see him fall and hit the pavement.

It was not clear if the sports anchor had intentionally fallen to entertain viewers or if the accident was authentic.

Regardless, footage of it has now gone viral, achieving nearly 250,000 views since it was posted on YouTube Friday.

The Arizona sports anchor later turned to Twitter to poke fun of the accident, saying the clip was “good for some laughs.”

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