This TV Segment Got So Tense That Dana Perino Needed to Take a Deep Breath After Exploding on Her Liberal Co-Host

“The Five” co-host Dana Perino fiercely snapped at Bob Beckel, the show’s lone liberal personality, after he suggested foreign policy decisions in Crimea are for Russia and Vladimir Putin to make, not the United States.

“That’s incredible, Bob,” Perino said. “You take a different position on every issue, just depending on what it is. You would have never said that about Crimea before.”

Dana Perino (Fox News)
Dana Perino (Fox News)

When Perino pressed Beckel on whether he believes there is such a thing as “international law,” Beckel argued that there’s “nothing you can do about it.”

“That’s baloney!” Perino shot back.

“What would Condi Rice do to get Crimea back?” Beckel asked.

“Did you not read anything that was written over the weekend?” Perino replied, saying Rice had suggestions on how to handle the situation in Crimea.

She then had to take a deep breath to compose herself.

Watch the rest of the segment via Fox News here:

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