Watch the World’s Fastest Toy Car Set a New Record at 287 MPH

Though it’s a small, rudimentary-looking model car, the SST-3B-Falcon made by a high school student in London is nothing to scoff at.

Samvir Thandi recently set a new record for the car at 287.59 mph. The car actually hit 344 mph on one run, but the new record is the result of an average of two runs, according to Get West London.

This small rocket-powered car was able to reach an average speed of X. (Image source: YouTube)
This small rocket-powered car was able to reach an average speed of 287.59 mph. (Image source: YouTube)

Watch the car’s incredible speed, if you can even spot it:

This video gives you a closer look at the car:

The 18-year-old and other budding engineers from the The Heathland School built several model rocket cars, but Thandi’s was the fastest.

Speed apparently runs in the teen’s blood: His father, Jaswant Thandi, is leading a team to try and break the land-speed record in a larger “supersonic car.”

“I’m very proud of Samvir. It’s not often a father can watch his son set a world record,” Jaswant Thandi, who is helping 30 schools attempt to break model rocket speed records, told Get West London. “Before I joined the Bloodhound team he wasn’t interested in engineering but the record attempt has spurred him on and he’s now hoping to study aerospace engineering at Imperial College. Hopefully the project will help inspire many more young engineers.”

(H/T: Gizmodo)