‘The Voice of Italy’ Judges Were Absolutely Stunned When They Realized Who Was Delivering This Awesome Performance

The judges on “The Voice of Italy” were in for quite a shock this week when a Catholic nun took to the stage to belt out her own distinct — and flawless — version of Alicia Keys’ popular tune “No One.”

The premise of TV show is that the judges — Italian singers Raffaella Carra, J-Ax, Noemi, and Piero Pelu — start with their backs to singers as they perform.

Then, if they like what they hear, the judges hit a button and their chairs swivel around. This ensures that participants are judged based on their singing talent — and not on their appearance.

Singer Raffaella Carra is stunned when she sees Sister
Singer Raffaella Carra is stunned when she sees Sister Cristina Scuccia performing Alicia Keys’ “No One” (Image source: “The Voice of Italy”/YouTube)

All of the judges were taken by what they heard during the March 19 show, but they were even more stunned to discover that the performance was coming from none other than Sister Cristina Scuccia, a nun with the Ursuline Sisters of the Holy Family.

The crowd cheered as the judges realized that it was Scuccia, decked out in traditional Catholic garb, who was bouncing around the stage and putting on a delightful show.

Watch Scuccia belt out “No One” below and see the judges’ stunned reactions:

After the performance Scuccia, a native of Sicily, shared why she chose to go on the competitive singing show.

“I came here because I have a gift and I want to share that gift,” she said. “I am here to evangelize.”

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Featured image via “The Voice of Italy”/YouTube