Bill Maher Calls Out Congressman Over Guns… a Far-Left Progressive Congressman

Though many disagree with him on a plethora of issues, HBO’s Bill Maher has a track record for being entirely upfront about what he believes. On Friday, he went as far as to press a far-left progressive Democrat over why his party refuses to fully “come out against the Second Amendment.”

Maher accused some Democrats of acting as the “Republican-lite” party and failing to distinguish themselves as drastically different from the GOP.

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) said he wishes that the Democrats would oppose the Second Amendment, but Maher repeatedly pushed the lawmaker to go further.

For example, when Ellison advocated for “common-sense” gun control measures, Maher immediately called him out.

“Common-sense gun safety is bulls**t,” Maher said.

Then, when Ellison recited the Democratic talking point on getting rid of “military-style assault weapons,” Maher argued getting rid of semi-automatic rifles would do “nothing” to curb gun violence because most “mass shootings” don’t involve those types of firearms.

Ellison explained that it takes a lot of “organizing” and effort to implement gun control and laid out a number of progressive steps that had to be taken to achieve that goal.

Watch the segment via HBO/Mediaite below: