Watch Pedestrians Hilariously Answer Jimmy Kimmel’s Preposterous ‘Confusing Question of the Day’

Late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel took to the streets of Los Angeles Friday, pranking pedestrians by asking them his “confusing question of the day.”

Meshing all the week’s news into a preposterous question, Kimmel asked individuals, “Do you believe Crimea’s vernal equinox should remain in the multiverse, or do you support Ukraine’s acquisition of the Lululemon?”

The question is designed to absolutely make no sense, Kimmel explained, but that didn’t stop individuals from giving their opinion.

“Um, I support it,” one unidentified woman answered.

“Why?” asked the interviewer.

“Well, you know, first of all, I think that I believe in their beliefs,” the woman responded.

“Whose beliefs? The Ukrainians or Lululemions’?” the interviewer pressed.

“The Ukrainians,” the woman answered.

“And in which universe,” the interviewer asked.

“In this one,” the woman said.

“Not the multiverse?” the interviewer followed up.

“No,” she said.

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