A Florida dog was doused in kerosene by her owner and then set on fire Thursday, authorities said.

“We handle a lot of rescue cases,” a member of the Hardee County Animal Rescue Team told WFLA-TV. “This is the worst one ever.”

Image source: WFLA-TV

Image source: WFLA-TV

According to WFLA-TV, witnesses say the dog was unable to escape the horrifying torture because she was chained down.

“It’s everything you can do to hold back the tears.”

“It’s everything you can do to hold back the tears,” one animal rescue worker said.

Image source: WFLA-TV

Image source: WFLA-TV

Arcadia police marshal Matt Anderson reportedly said that authorities are working to determine whether the act was intentional and if the owner was mentally stable — two key elements in the case. No charges have yet been filed.

Image source: WFLA-TV

Image source: WFLA-TV

For now, animal professionals are doing everything they can to help the dog recover.

“We are going to transfer her to Florida Veterinary Specialist to see if she needs any further treatment and then she will be transferred back to us,” rescuer Leigh Sockalosky told WFLA-TV.

WFLA News Channel 8

“She’ll never have to go back to what she endured,” she added. “We’ll make sure of that.”

The animal rescue group is actively encouraging individuals to donate to help cover the dog’s medical expenses.

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