Video: ‘When Did You Stop Thinking You Were Beautiful?’

A new video posted online asks women a simple question: “When did you stop thinking you were beautiful?”

The 59-second video shows multiple women shy away from the camera, some even covering their faces and becoming visibly squirmiest when they feel they are about to be photographed.

The video then asks: “When did you stop thinking you were beautiful?”

[sharequote align=”center”]”When did you stop thinking you were beautiful?”[/sharequote]

At the end, the director contrasts this behavior by showing how children act in front of the camera. Kids, instead, appear to behave the exact opposite of their older counterparts, soaking in the camera attention.

According to Rohan Dhillion, the video’s creator, it was created “for the gorgeous girl because she thinks she is not the world’s prettiest darling when I tell her.”

Watch the Video:

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