Texas Teenager Issues Officer a Handwritten Parking Ticket – The Cop’s Reaction Is Just as Great

When 14-year-old Annie James, of Baytown, Texas, saw a police car illegally parked in her neighborhood, she decided to teach the officer a lesson. So she hand-wrote a $10 parking ticket and placed it on Officer Tommy King’s windshield, whose patrol car was parked in a fire zone at the Bay Oaks apartment complex.

“I came to my car and I saw a piece of paper on my windshield,” King told KPRC-TV. “I took it off and opened it and read it and I started laughing immediately.”

The “citation” informed King of his violation and stated he needed to pay $10 to the apartment complex’s manager.

Screengrab via KPRC
Screengrab via KPRC
Screengrab via KPRC
Screengrab via KPRC

The officer said he found it “neat” that she asked that he pay the manager, rather than herself.

The cop then actually paid the $10 fine and took it even further by giving James a $40 gift card to Toys R Us.

As it turns out, King and the 14-year-old are both originally from Alabama.

“It’s interesting,” he told the news station. “I made a friend. A lesson would be not to be shy or afraid of law enforcement. We’re here to help.”

(H/T: Yahoo!)