Incredible Video Shows 4-Year-Old Boy’s Dramatic Rescue From Deadly Washington Mudslide

New video released by Snohomish County’s Helicopter Rescue Team captures the dramatic rescue of 4-year-old Jacob Spillers, who had been trapped in the second floor of his Oso, Wash., home by the deadly mudslide that has killed at least 24 people.

Ed Hrivnak, a member of the Pierce County Fire and Rescue crew, told KSDK-TV the boy was “sunk into the mud so well that his pants came right off.

“The mud had compacted around him and had created such suction that he couldn’t move,” he added.


Rescuers in Snohomish County are still searching for roughly 200 people who are still unaccounted for after Saturday’s devastating landslide.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee suggested the possibility of finding survivors at this point is small.

Watch the incredible video of the boy’s rescue below:

Young Boy from Oso from Snohomish HRT on Vimeo.

(H/T: HuffPost)