Palestinian University Students Hold Pro-Hamas Parade With Missile Replica and Black Masks

Pro-Hamas students at a Palestinian university that reportedly has ties with American academic institutions held a military-style parade on campus Sunday in which they carried a mock missile like those used to target Israelis.

The incident follows a pro-Islamic Jihad rally held on the same campus of Al-Quds University four months ago at which students displayed mock automatic weapons and gave Nazi-like salutes which led several U.S. colleges to cut ties with the Palestinian institution.

Sunday’s rally was first revealed Tuesday by independent journalist Tom Gross on his website.

Activists with Islamic Bloc at Al Quds University held mock missile and wore black masks at the campus rally (Photo: Facebook)
Activists with the Islamic Bloc at Al-Quds University held mock missile and wore black masks at the campus rally (Photo: Facebook)

The Times of Israel noted that the student group that held the march is known as the Islamic Bloc of Al-Quds University which is associated with the Hamas terrorist organization.

According to the group’s Facebook page, the event was a commemoration in memory of Hamas leaders who had been killed by Israeli security forces.

After the controversial November incident on campus, Brandeis University suspended its partnership with Al-Quds University which is located in the Palestinian town of Abu Dis outside Jerusalem.

The Times of Israel quoted a January report in the Brandeis student newspaper The Justice which said that the university was holding talks with its Palestinian counterpart to try to re-establish their ties.

Gross wrote on his website that he had spoken with Palestinian students at the university “who say they are sick and tired of the university authorities allowing terrorist groups to hold military parades around campus.”

They told him that the two-hour rally was attended by hundreds of students. Hamas’s Al-Aqsa TV also reported that the event drew hundreds of students.