There Is a Ridiculously High Chance That This Sick, Homeless Pit Bull’s Astonishing Transformation Will Make You Cry

When Annie Hart rescued a sick, homeless pit bull, not even she could have predicted the miraculous transformation the animal would undergo.

Hart is the executive director of the Bill Foundation and is no stranger to rescuing animals.

She ended up naming the pit bull Gideon. The dog was in such bad shape that he actually trembled at the sight of humans.


Doctors also discovered that Gideon was suffering from multiple severe bacterial and highly contagious fungal infections. He was put in quarantine.

However, Gideon ultimately underwent an amazing transformation that you just have to see for yourself:

For more information on how Annie Hart and the Bill Foundation is helping dogs like Gideon, visit her Facebook page.

Also, if you are curious, this is how Gideon is living now:

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