So Exactly How Did a Search Dog Detect a Knife In a Student’s Car?

A Chicago high school student was arrested last week after a search dog assisted in locating a knife inside his car.

According to the Lake County News-Sun, a switchblade was “found by a search dog” in Stevenson High School student Chandler E. Eckrote car while “patrolling the school’s parking lots.”

The Interquest Detention Services dog “detected something inside Eckrote’s car,” according to the News-Sun. However, the arrest report made no mention of drugs or alcohol, leaving the question: Exactly how did the dog detect the knife?

A search dog assisted in locating a knife in a Chicago high school student's car. (Image source: Shutterstock)
A search dog assisted in locating a knife in a Chicago high school student’s car. (Image source: Shutterstock)

When reached by phone, an employee at the Interquest Detention Services told TheBlaze she wasn’t familiar with the specific case, but it may have been that the dog detected something that previously was in the vehicle and then later removed.

“Even if they removed it pretty recently, the dog might still detect a residual smell,” Mary Grace said.

She added that usually when a dog detects something in a vehicle, the student is called out so he can authorize a more thorough search of the car. The student, may have then authorized the search, thinking there was nothing in the vehicle.

Authorities do not believe the student even knew the knife was in his car and do not think he intended any harm with it.

“I don’t think he realized he still had it with him,” Lincolnshire police investigator John-Erik Anderson said, according to the News-Sun.

TheBlaze was unable to reach Eckrote for comment.

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