Here Are the Most- and Least-Liked TV News Anchors — You Can Probably Guess Which Network Claims the Bottom Three

CBS’ Scott Pelley is America’s most-liked news anchor and MSNBC’s Chris Matthews is the least-liked, according to the Wrap’s new Q Score survey.

Looking at 24 top news anchors, the study aims to identify the most popular TV news personalities based on their “positive Q-score.” It also ranks them based on “recognizability.”

CNN’s Anderson Cooper — who ranked first in recognizability among male newscasters — came in behind Pelley by just one point while CBS reporter Lara Logan finished in third.

The three least-liked TV news anchors all belong to MSNBC, with Matthews in dead last. Alex Wagner and Andrea Mitchell finished just behind him.

See the full list by the Wrap:

(The Wrap)
(The Wrap)

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