How Does a Black Republican Respond After Being Called ‘White’ & Compared to ‘Cockroaches’ by Ebony Sr. Editor?

Ebony Magazine has been forced to apologize after its senior editor, Jamilah Lemieux, called a black Republican a “white man” and compared those on the right to “cockroaches” on Twitter.

It all began after Lemieux responded to a request for more information about a new magazine by black conservatives Armstrong Williams and Dr. Ben Carson by saying: “I 100% do not want to know more, I wish I knew less!”

That’s when RNC Deputy Press Secretary Raffi Williams, who is black, stepped in.

“…wish you knew less? hoped you would encourage diversity of thought,” he tweeted.

“Oh great, here comes a White dude telling me how to do this Black thing. Pass,” she retorted.

(Photo: Twitter/@Raffiwilliams)
(Photo: Twitter/@Raffiwilliams)

Lemieux later backtracked and said she didn’t know Williams was black, but added: “However, I care about NOTHING you have to say.”

She wasn’t done revealing her hate for those on the right:

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Williams appeared on “Real News From TheBlaze” on Friday to weigh in, saying he is glad Ebony did the “classy” thing by apologizing.

His question has always been, he added: “Race has nothing to do with it – my comment should stand regardless of my race, and so why would you bring race into this argument?”

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