Foreign Islamist Rebel in Syria Says ‘It’s Nice’ to See the ‘Blood of the Infidels’ from Time to Time

A Belgian Islamist militant fighting alongside Al Qaeda-linked Syrian rebels says “it’s nice” to see the “blood of infidels” occasionally.

“Admittedly there is no joy in spilling blood although it’s nice to see from time to time the blood of the infidels,” said the fighter with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), identified on a video posted online only by his nom de guerre Abu Omar al-Belgiki.

The fighter said he wished to send a message to Muslims who remain at home and do not wage jihad.

“Arise and go forth to fight in the path of Allah,” he said. “Is there anything better than jihad and martyrdom in the path of Allah? What can be sweeter than martyrdom in the path of Allah?”

The Belgian jihadi rebel fighting in Syria, Abu Omar al-Belgiki, says “it’s nice” to see “infidel” blood occasionally (Screenshot: MEMRI)
The Belgian jihadi rebel fighting in Syria, Abu Omar al-Belgiki, says “it’s nice” to see “infidel” blood occasionally (Screenshot: MEMRI)

During the interview that was posted online, the rebel was situated in a trench fortified by sandbags holding his weapon.

The European rebel said he was in the trench in order to protect himself from “the apostates who are fighting us because we want to instate Islamic law.”

“They advance toward us with tanks, heavy artillery and many men,” he said, adding that, by contrast, his fighting unit numbers 50 men “carrying simple Kalashnikovs” and a few RPGs.

The interview was posted online in March and was translated to English by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Extolling the conditions in Syria, the jihadi said, “When I lived in Europe, I never ate food like I have eaten here. I entered villas, palaces.”

“Hasten to jihad,” he repeated over and over. “Hasten before it’s too late.”

The militant thanked Allah for preventing the sniper who was apparently firing in his direction from striking him, adding “if he does get me, it will be the will of Allah, the destiny of Allah and I will be satisfied.”

To those he called “tyrants” he wished that Allah may “exterminate you.”

Thousands of hardline foreign Islamists have traveled to Syria to fight alongside rebels attempting to remove President Bashar Assad from power and replace his largely secular-ruled government with one guided by the principles of sharia, or Islamic law.

Watch the subtitled clip here courtesy of MEMRI: