D.C. Businessman Whose Home Was Raided in Gun Charge Says Prosecutors Lied About Him to His Neighbors

Antique gun collector Mark Witaschek has been at the center of a legal controversy in Washington, D.C. that has spanned roughly two years. His story made national news after his home was raided by more than 30 police officers in full tactical gear searching for “firearms and ammunition … gun cleaning equipment, holsters, bullet holders and ammunition receipts.”

Witaschek says he and his girlfriend were handcuffed and had guns pointed at their heads, and his son was yanked out of the shower and treated similarly.

Mark Witaschek. Image source: Washington Times
Mark Witaschek. Image source: Washington Times

Speaking on TheBlaze Radio Network Monday with Buck Sexton, Witaschek said the objects that created such a firestorm were “nothing more than pieces of molded lead and copper” that had “no propellant,” and therefore could not be fired.

But that wasn’t all. Witaschek said prosecutors involved with the case even sent a letter to his neighbors saying his home was a “drug and gun-infested neighborhood nuisance.”

They also allegedly told his neighbors to “be aware that their property values were going to decrease as a result of [his] presence in the neighborhood.”

“They essentially spread propaganda about you to your neighbors?” Sexton asked Witaschek in shock. “I’ve never even heard of that! That’s Stalin-esque kind of stuff.”

Witaschek added that when one of the attorneys involved in his case followed up, the prosecutors essentially said they made a mistake but “declined to send out a retraction.”

Last week, a Washington, D.C., judge found Witaschek guilty of “attempted possession of unlawful ammunition.”

The avid collector said it was “maddening” that he had no jury on the trial, and it seemed as though both the prosecutors and the judge knew “almost nothing” about guns. He said he plans to appeal the conviction, and has high hopes for the future.

“So you can go to jail in this country for such a ridiculous set of circumstances without even having a jury of your peers,” Sexton remarked with disdain. “They can just decide that they’re going to — in the ‘People’s Republic of D.C.’ — make an example of someone.”

Listen to the complete audio courtesy of TheBlaze Radio, below: