Man Wins the Lottery — But the Tragic Thing That Happened the Day Before Makes It Seriously Bittersweet

A man is much richer after winning up to $650,000 on a $1 California Lucky for Life Scratchers ticket.

But the victory is bittersweet.

Timothy McDaniel Photo via California Lottery
Timothy McDaniel Photo via California Lottery

The day before he won, Timothy McDaniel’s wife passed away of a heart attack.

“I think she just kind of sent me this money so I could continue taking care of the (grand) kids,” McDaniel told the California Lottery, according to WJBK-TV.

“Everything happens for a reason and this is the break I needed. I’m going to keep on working and living my life the same I always have. The only difference is I have a big family and now if anybody needs anything, I can help them out,” he added.

Rather than taking $500 per week for 25 years, totaling $650,000, he chose instead to take a lump sum of $375,000 before taxes.


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