What’s Your State’s Favorite Baseball Team? New Map Has the Answer Just In Time for Opening Day

A new map released Monday by Facebook used the social media giant’s data to map out fans from around the country.

According to Facebook, each county in the map is color-coded based on which official Facebook team page has the most likes from people who reside in the particular county.

The results were not all that surprising.

Individuals residing in the Pacific Northwest were overwhelmingly fans of the Seattle Mariners.

A new map uses Facebook's data to provide a breakdown on the most liked MLB teams. (Image source: Facebook via Bleacher Report)
A new map uses Facebook’s data to provide a breakdown on the most liked MLB teams. (Image source: Facebook)

Those living in Northern California naturally cheer on the San Fransisco Giants, while their Southern California counterparts support the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Texans — well, they root for their Rangers.

In the south, the Atlanta Braves were the dominant team and up north, the New York Yankees, for the most part, appear to be the favorited team.

In fact, according to Facebook, the Yankees have the most fans by county in the U.S. while the New York Mets do not enjoy one county where a plurality of fans root for them.

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