Wolverine Musical? Hugh Jackman Surprises With Impromtu Performance

Wolverine … on Broadway?

It may not be that hard to imagine the lethal, hairy, adamantnium-laced mutant doing a high kick with the chorus after watching this video.

Image via YouTube
Hugh Jackman sings a very mutant-friendly version of Les Miserables “Who Am I?” (Image source: YouTube)

During an interview with BBC Radio, Hugh Jackman delivered an impressive mash-up performance of his “Les Miserables” signature song with lyrics about his massively successful “X-Men” character. The Oscar-nominated actor and Tony Awards host favorite tweeted out the interview himself, check it out below!

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After seeing the clip, one fan even started a #LesWolverines Twitter hashtag. Stranger things have made it to Broadway, but if anyone could do it, these fans believe Jackman can pull it off.

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(H/T: Variety)

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