Car Bomber’s Device May Have Been High-Grade, But He Gets a Great Big ‘F’ for Execution

A word to the wise for car bombers near and far…

Forgetting to set your clocks forward an hour for daylight saving time could spell your end.

Police in Dublin believe a timing miscue could be why an apparent bomber got a fiery face full of a high-grade device’s explosive power after he allegedly planted it in a vehicle Sunday night, according to according to the Daily Mirror.

Image source: Twitter
Image via Twitter user @poloboy

A source told the Mirror that the bomber could have neglected to “put his watch forward on Sunday (at 1 a.m.) and the timer went off too soon.” Daylight saving time began last Sunday night in Ireland.

The culprit was observed stumbling from the explosion and entering a taxi; one official said “he may have significant injuries” that may have required “urgent medical attention.” Police are asking that the taxi driver, medical personnel and the bomber come forward.

The bombed vehicle was a Volvo SUV belonging to a local businessman with no criminal convictions who declined to comment when contacted by the Mirror.

“This certainly was a high-grade explosive used in this bomb. It wasn’t garbage stuff,” a source said. “If anyone had been in the car or walking near it at the time then they would have been killed.”

The vehicle was destroyed; the blast blew off the doors and windows of a house next to it.

The army bomb squad was called to the scene by police; experts were analyzing the blast. Detectives are probing if the attack was perpetrated by an inner-city gang.