MSNBC Co-Host Rails on Harry Reid’s ‘Koch Addiction’, Calls Reid a Liar More Than 12 Times

Friday’s edition of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” opened with an unusual segment. It was 12 minutes of an unfiltered discussion of Harry Reid’s almost-daily attacks on the Koch Brothers.

Image: MSNBC Screen Capture
Image: MSNBC Screen Capture

In the course of the segment, Senate Majority Leader was called a “liar,” said to be “lying about” or spreading “lies” about the Koch brothers more than a dozen times — and that was just by host Joe Scarborough. At the 1:28 mark of the clip, Joe began his rant about Reid by declaring, “It’s embarrassing.”

Image: MSNBC Screen Capture
Image: MSNBC Screen Capture

At the 1:40 mark, Scarborough stated it was his opinion that what Reid was doing was “beneath the dignity of the office he’s holding.”

Joe went on to rack up the aforementioned dozen plus uses of the words liar, lies and lying while referring to Senator Reid’s treatment of the Kochs.

Co-host Mika Brzezinski, and in-studio panelists Jim Vandehei of Politico, and “Morning Joe” regulars Willie Geist, and Katty Kay were silent for much of the segment, speaking only when called upon to join the uncomfortable conversation.

At the 7:00 point of the clip, Joe actually referred to the leader of the U.S. Senate by saying, “He’s like one of those cheap, dirty, political consultants you stay away from because they would embarrass you.”

Not a voice was raised to object to Scarborough’s argument.

The usually unapologetic Democratic supporter, Mika Brzezinski said nothing for most of the segment. In fact, it was 10 minutes into the clip before Mika finally shared her feelings on Reid’s relentless attack on the Koch brothers by saying, “I cringed watching it,” and then criticizing his comments’ “destructive tone.”

The entire segment is presented here via MSNBC:

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