Somehow, No One Was Seriously Injured When This Car Flipped Into a Crowded Israeli Parking Lot

Cameras captured the moment when a car driving down a road in northern Israel swerved into a parking lot, flipped into the air and landed among parked cars. Miraculously, no one – including those in the out-of-control car — was seriously injured, Israel’s Mako news site reported Monday.

The accident occurred last week on a road outside the city of Nazareth in the Galilee. Mako reported that the young driver lost control of the car on a curve in the road leading up to a traffic light.

In the video that the news site posted, the car is seen barreling off the side of the road into the parking lot, where it flipped. After the drama, others scrambled, apparently to find out if anyone needed help.

The car appeared to speed down the road when...
The car appeared to speed down the road when… (Image source: Mako) swerved. (Screenshot: Mako)
…it swerved (Image source: Mako)
...then flipped (Screenshot: Mako)
…and then flipped. (Image source: Mako)

The Israeli rescue service Magen David Adom reported that the driver and two passengers had only minor injuries. Mako described those in the car as “young” but did not report their age.

“After hearing what happened we were amazed to discover the passengers were only slightly injured,” an unnamed paramedic who treated them told Mako. Just to be sure, they were taken to the hospital for further medical attention.

Watch the video below from Mako, which highlighted the car with a red circle (video might take you to Mako’s site):