Is Actress Being Unfairly Targeted Because of Her Christian Faith by Judges and Producers on ‘Dancing With the Stars’?

“Dancing With the Stars” contestant Candace Cameron Bure was cheered on when she openly defended her Christian faith on live TV a few weeks ago, but some of her fans are now wondering whether the show’s producers and judges are purposefully targeting her with low scores.

After all four of the show’s judges gave Bure a 7 out of 10 for her ballroom performance Monday, scores of frustrated fans took to the former “Full House” star’s Facebook page, where they accused judges and show staffers of targeting Bure because of her faith.

“My kids are 6 and 9 and they love Full House and only watch DWTS for her and make me only vote for ‘DJ!’ And even they get that she is being singled out on the show by the producers and judges,” Facebook user Heather Moss wrote. “When asked why I simply stated because she is a Christian and tries to live right and that is frowned upon by the entertainment world. Truly sad.”

Image source: ABC/"Dancing With the Stars"
Image source: ABC/”Dancing With the Stars”

Another woman named Monica Morris Miller wrote: “They have not judged you fairly! Your scores are way too low! I’m beginning to wonder if there is some discrimination against Christianity going on because you are the only one receiving low scores for good dancing. However, I have seen some high scores for bad dancing on a few others! I pray I’m wrong.”

Other comments followed in this same vein, though not everyone was convinced that Bure‘s lower marks were a result of anti-Christian bias.

“I highly doubt that. I don’t think we need to make her into a martyr here,” commented Mallory Rex, who was responding to another comment about possible anti-faith sentiment.

Still others simply commended Bure for her open defense of the Christian faith, thanking her for speaking up so boldly and for sticking to her values.

“Your stand on your Christian beliefs are appreciated, and your dances are much better than the ‘opinionated’ judges give you,” wrote Dennis Livesay. “You get all my votes every week!”

Screen shot from Facebook
Screen shot from Candace Cameron Bure‘s Facebook page

This week, each contestant was switched up with his or her dancing partner, separating Bure from her regular professional dancer, Mark Ballas.

As Bure and her fellow contestants each needed to adjust to a new partner, it seems the judges felt the actress’s transition wasn’t as smooth as it could have been.

Following Monday’s performance, they complained that Bure and her new sidekick Tony Dovolani did not have enough body contact.

“There was a bit of gapping going on,” judge Len Goodman told Bure after the performance.

And guest host Julianne Hough agreed.

“But I have to say the same thing, the body contact for me was a little bit too gapped,” she said. “Honestly, this was the first time you guys have danced together. It’s like you would have danced that way your first or second week.”

Image source: ABC/"Dancing With the Stars"
Image source: ABC/”Dancing With the Stars”

While it’s entirely plausible that Bure‘s faith could be a turn-off to some, it’s also possible that the judges were simply discontented with her performance.

Plus, it’s important to remember that Bure‘s Christian faith and positive values likely constitute a draw for viewers who agree with her sensibilities. So, she could theoretically be helping bring in ratings for the show.

Do you think the producers and judges are treating Bure unfairly because of her Christian faith?

Watch the video of her performance and the judges’ subsequent ratings below and let us know in the comments section:

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